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miofone dial application


"miofone dial application" can use "miofone dial" usefully."miofone dial" is the service that can use in IIJmio High-speed mobile/D service's SIM card with the function of voice call (miofone).Regarding "miofone dial", the charge becomes 50% discount by adding prefix number (0037-691) to the head of the phone number of the voice call destination.When you make a phone call with "miofone dial application", it can add prefix number automatically.
* "miofone dial" becomes available by 9:00AM in the next day of the day that started to use miofone.* "0037-691" is not shown in the cellphone display of voice call destination. Only the using telephone number is displayed.* "miofone dial" is unsupported to call "Free Dial", "Navi Dial" and "three-digit number" such as an Emergency call(110). Except for the prefix number, you can make a phone call to these phone numbers.* "miofone dial" have limitation of using International phone call. Please see the Web site of "miofone dial" for more information.
"miofone dial" is an exclusive application for miofone users.
miofone dial
* mioID & mio password does not necessary for use this application.* In your home menu, "miofone" is displayed as the app name instead of "miofone dial".
* There is the other company's service which cannot use together with "miofone dial". Please see the Web site of "miofone dial" for more information.
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